PS3 FAT & Slim Gpu Replacement Permanent Fix for YLOD (Reballing)


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Here you can order our professional mail in PS3 YLOD repair service, for those that don’t know the PS3 suffers from a similar failure to the Xbox 360’s RROD, this is where the solder underneath the GPU cracks and thus is no longer making a connection to the motherboard resulting in a Yellow light flashing on the console also referred to as the PS3 YLOD or yellow light of death syndrome. There are a few places that offer a YLOD repair service for the PS3, most are using traditional reflow stations which are a little pen looking device which they run over the GPU reflowing a small amount of the GPU at a time, while these types of PS3 YLOD fix can work in most cases it’s not the best possible way to reflow the solder underneath the GPU on the PS3.

We here at ModSupplier have a professional BGA rework / re-balling machine that uses infrared heat rather than the traditional reflow station that is almost like a little blow torch, there is a picture of the machine we use below, why this machine is different and better in a lot of ways is firstly because of its method to heat being infrared instead of the blow torch method on traditional reflow stations, this is better because we can target heat into the area that needs to be reflowed in a much more refined and precise way, making sure that the components around the GPU don’t get to much excess heat, the second and possibly the most important reason this machine is better than a traditional reflow station is that we are able to apply the correct temperature to reflow the GPU to the entire GPU at once top and bottom, so your PS3 board will sit on our machine and the infrared will heat the GPU and only the GPU up to the right temperature from the top and also the bottom of the board equally all at the same time to get a perfect reflow of the solder on your GPU, where traditional reflow stations only apply heat to the top of the GPU and needs to be slowly moved from one side of the GPU to the other to archive the reflow, as we said earlier this does work but people in the industry will have no problem telling you that the method used by our machine is a superior PS3 YLOD repair and is the way big repair companies fix laptops and all kinds of BGA surface mounted components.

If your PS3 has suffered from the YOLD and you are wanting a professional yet cost effective solution to the problem look no further, we are one of Australia’s leading suppliers for console related parts and accessories, so you can be assured that our repair services on offer are at the same high level of standards that we hold for the parts and accessories we sell, note that this service is not just for the end user, notice that we offer price breaks on this service, so if you are a second hand shop, video rental shop looking to get a reliable PS3 YLOD repair service with warranty, we also offer price breaks, the more units you send us for the PS3 YLOD repair service the cheaper it will be.


The machine we use for our PS3 YLOD repair servicePicture of the PS3 motherboard before we do the YLOD repair




PS3 YLOD Repair Service Information

1. Our PS3 YLOD repair service comes with a 3-month parts and labour warranty, if the console returns to a state of YLOD at any stage in the first 3-months we will repair it again free of charge, you will need to cover the return postage costs, but with saying that our process for this repair means that very few if any consoles will return to the YLOD status.

2. Included in the service is a full clean of the inside of your console, while not being able to tell from the outside, a lot of PS3 consoles get a build up of dust and fluf in the case that can inhibit the airflow throughout the console, while completing the PS3 YLOD repair service we clean out all this dust from inside the console to maximize airflow.

Below is our procedure to order this PS3 YLOD repair service

Note this service can be booked over the phone as well, have a read of the text below which will give you an idea about the service and if you would like to book it over the phone give one of our staff a call on 07-3122-2472 9am to 5pm Monday – Friday, or just follow the steps below to book the service yourself using our cart system.

1. Sign up for an account if you don’t already have one and come back to this page, at the bottom left of this page is a checkbox which you need to select how you will deliver the console to us, if you are in Brisbane you can drop the console off at our Suite address in Fortitude Valley and you would select the “Drop Off Brisbane” checkbox, if you are outside Brisbane you would select the “Mail It In” checkbox. Once you have ticked the checkbox on how you will deliver the console to us click the add to cart button on the right and continue to checkout.

2. At payment page select Bank Deposit, you won’t pay upfront for our service, we will call you once the console has been repaired and you can either pay over the phone with a credit card or go ahead with a bank deposit.

3. At the payment page enter your consoles serial number into the “Comments Box”

4. Checkout, you will receive an order confirmation email and our staff will be in contact by phone within 24hrs to notify you where to send or drop off your console.

5. After you have been called on the phone by one of our staff to confirm your repair order you will receive an email advising the address you need to ship or drop off your console to, they will also notify you of what needs to be sent or taken in, just the console and no controllers for example and some tips on safe postage if you are mailing it in. Once you have all those details confirmed you can go ahead and ship or drop off your console off to us. This PS3 YLOD repair service can be done quite quickly and will be completed within 72hrs of the console being received, we also like to keep the consoles running for 24hrs after they have been reflowed to make sure everything is tip top.

6. You will receive a call from us once your console has been repaired to take payment, if you have dropped off your console to us we will ask if you would like to collect it from the same address you dropped it off to and if you do want to collect it the return shipping charge will be removed from your invoice, note drop off customers also have the option for us to post the console back to your home by TNT or DHL courier, just let us know on the day which you prefer. If you have mailed the console in to us we will confirm your return shipping address and then arrange to have the console shipped back to you by Middle east courier.


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